The 10th Intercity Youth Conference participation 3.0

27 – 29 June 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In line with the declaration of the 3rd European Youth Work Convention and as an important contribution to the Bonn process, we want to bring together municipal stakeholders responsible for the provision of youth work in order to strengthen the role and capacity of local authorities in supporting knowledge-based, participatory youth work.

Objectives of the conference:

  • to promote and strengthen a holistic approach to youth participation as a process of cocreation of everything from youth work activities to the everyday life of communities, as well as political agendas and decisions;
  • to provide examples of good practice linked to young people’s participation on the local level, showcasing its value and impact for both young people and the society;
  • to inspire and function as a starting point for future European intermunicipal cooperation around youth participation through Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps;

The conference was originally planned to be implemented in November 2021, in the context of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and our ambition is still that it will create a strong impetus to further develop young people’s participation as a core element of societal development.

Target group

The target groups of the conference are participants from Erasmus+: Youth Programme countries and Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU:

  • civil servants responsible for youth work in their municipality (heads of youth work departments/units or equivalent);
  • managers or coordinators of organisations (public or NGOs) responsible for the provision of local youth work.

Photo credits: Uroš Hočevar, Source: The City of Ljubljana

Welcome in Ljubljana –  Mayor’s word

Young people are the future!

In Ljubljana, we place a high value on young people because we recognize that they are our future. It is critical to provide the optimal conditions for their development in terms of access to high-quality education, talent development support, and active leisure time activities.

Public Institute Young Dragons plays a significant role in this area in Ljubljana. It runs numerous programs and projects that support young people on their path to adulthood and equip them with skills and knowledge to deal with the various challenges that life throws at them. They frequently set the pace in the field of youth work with their inventive and imaginative ideas.

Our shared purpose is to help young people grow into responsible, respectful, tolerant, and compassionate individuals who can accept diversity and contribute to the development of a cohesive society. Ljubljana is a city that takes pride in upholding these principles.

Dear InterCity Youth Conference participants,

I wish you a successful conference, and I especially look forward to meeting you at the newly renovated »Cukrarna« (an old sugar factory), which was once a symbol of despair in Ljubljana but has recently taken on a new life as a symbol of optimism and a bright future. Future young people represent.

Welcome to the world’s most beautiful city!

Zoran Janković

Mayor of Ljubljana