We continue to fight

On the last day the participants discussed principles, methods and quality indicators of supporting local youth policy design, inclusion of young people from marginalized groups, participatory youth festivals and web tools for young people. Sheila Driessen, the Netherlands: On the panel about inclusion I immediately said to my team – Okay we must discuss this, this is the checklist that we are going to go through, but not just for youth, also for the professionals. It brings me a lot to think about when I go back home.” 

In the inspiring keynote address Nika Kovač, director of the research Institute 8th of march, under the title ‘We continue to fight’ shared examples of emancipatory youth practices in the time of constant change and the importance of intergenerational collaboration. “Young people want the support of professionals, youth and other organizations, however we must be trusted by them and given the space to develop our ideas with their support.”

In the three days of the conference many good practices and inspiring ideas were shared, constructive debates took place and new connections were made. Marie Falk, Sweden:I think these conferences are really important because we so seldom meet. Most of the time we are in our own community, talking to the people that we work with. So I think that it’s really important that these conferences are arranged, so we get an opportunity to meet throughout Europe and exchange ideas.”

We’re looking forward to the next conference that will take place in the week from the 23 to  26 May 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden, with great anticipation.