Venue of the conference

Conference will be held in the Ljubljana City center Hotel Union, Miklošičeva cesta 1, Ljubljana. Study visits on Wednesday afternoon will be held in different locations in Ljubljana.

The Mayor’s reception on Tuesday evening will be held in Cukrarna, the newly opened art center that was reformed from the old sugar factory.


Participants will be accomodated in single rooms in Hotel Union, Miklošičeva cesta 1, Ljubljana or Hotel Lev, Vošnjakova ulica 1, Ljubljana, and will be informed about the hotel in due time. Hotels are within walking distance.

Check-in in the hotels is possible only after 15.00, so there will be an option to leave luggage at the reception. Guests should check-out from the hotel by 11.00.

Available at Google maps.

Travel info

Both hotels are in the City centre and are within walking distance from the central bus and train station. If you are coming by plane to Ljubljana airport, get a shuttle bus to Ljubljana train and bus station. There are regular shuttles, but you might want to book one in advance:

If you are coming by car, you can leave it in the hotel garage for 19€ per day (you can announce and book a hotel parking place to e-mail or in many other parking places nearby.


Registration to the conference is open from 11.00 on in Hotel Union.


Paper-free and digital

This conference is paper-free as Slovenian National agency is going green and digital, so please save the web site of the conference where all updates and information will be available.

About Ljubljana

Ljubljana (pop. 293,000) is one of the smallest European capitals. It’s never crowded – but also never boring. 50,000 university students give it its youthful appeal, and as an economic and cultural hub of Slovenia, it has a lot to offer to locals and visitors alike. Visit Ljubljana.

Programme of the conference

For more details, please see the programme.

Contacts of the organisers

+386 41 499 511 (available from 27 June to 29 June)


Emergency number in Slovenia is 112.

COVID-19 related information

The organiser will require from all participants strict compliance with the EU and  national rules of the host country valid at the time of the activity at all venues and it will be communicated in due time.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the conference, please go to your room and contact organisers (+386 41 499 511) to provide you with self-test and further information.

The Conference Team

Jonas Agdur,
InterCity Youth,

Katarina Gorenc,
The City of Ljubljana,
Head of Office for Youth

Polona Siter Drnovšek,
Project officer for TCA/NET activities

Lea Kovič,
Project officer for TCA/NET activities

Maja Drobne,
member of the pool of trainers

Elizabeta Lakosil,
Programe officer