MOVIT has been performing the tasks of the National Agency for EU programmes in the field of youth since May 1999 when Slovenia joined the EU Programme Youth for Europe III, which was succeeded by the Youth Programme (2000–2006), the Youth in Action Programme (2007–2013), ERASMUS+: Youth in Action (2014–2020), European Solidarity Corps programme (2018 – 2020) and Erasmus+: Youth and European solidarity Corps (2021 – 2027).

In this role, MOVIT manages indirectly centralised EU budget funds and enables support for different forms of learning mobility activities in youth work, while also running activities for the general development of youth work and non-formal education, with special stress on activities contributing with their form or content to the strengthening of European cooperation in the field of youth.

European Solidarity Corps programme expanded these fields also to other spheres and actors, such as organisations, institutions, and employers, organising solidarity activities as a means to contribute to strengthening cohesion, solidarity, democracy and citizenship in Europe.

Along with its role as a National Agency, MOVIT also serves as an office of Eurodesk. In 2002, MOVIT also took over as the SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre.